How Do I Improve my Skin After Being Scarred by Laser? (photo)

I have had lasers before, my last 6mnths ago with smartxide. I had a lot bleeding & weeping & told its normal, i cleaned my face with vinegar soak,cetaphil & vaseline every 3/4hours. At 3mnths i noticed the grid hole/marks looking so bad,& was told its fine,continue using tretinoin gel & to wait 6mnths.Its now 6mnths & there still there,all my skin has holes which when i pull my skin taught turn to lines,the clear skin & old scarring is so much worse & now get red little spots. What should i do?

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Scarring after laser resurfacing

it would be hard to make a comment without seeing your before pictures and comparing. You can do some filling some more laser resurfacing in a less aggressive manner to help the scars you have.

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Facial Scarring Improvement

The scars that you have are very rarely a result of laser treatment. It’s hard to know why this happened without knowing details of the treatment done and the experience level of the treating physician. I would recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist in San Diego who is a true expert in lasers. If I were treating this I would use either the Deep Fx or the Fraxel Re:Pair. More than one treatment session will probably be needed.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
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