How Can I Improve my Face Profile? (photo)

I always dreamt about a rhinoplasty,but my husband is totally against it...So i want to ask what minor things i can do to improve my face in profile.I was thinking about lip enhancement(I've done it before but a year ago because of my pregnancy and in my point of view when the upper lip is bigger it look overall better) and to enhance my chin with fillers so it can appear a bit longer...or maybe non surgical nose job will help me just a bit... What can i also do to improve my face?Thank You

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How Can I Improve my Face Profile?

 Aesthetically speaking, on profile the chin is weak.  Chin Implant would balance the entire lower face.  There is excess fatty tissue and skin of the neck and face that could be addressed with a minimally invasive Face Lift.  Both of these procedures, IMHO, would offer far more aesthetic improvement to your face than a Rhinoplasty, so I have to agree with your husband.

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Conservative facial augmentation to improve face profile.

This can be done by fillers placed in the areas you mentioned. You might also consider Lightpost suction conservatively for the excess fat have below your chin. Conservative augmentation with fillers or nonsurgical rhinoplasty will help you attain a better looking nose.

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How Can I Improve my Face Profile?

Yes, it is a good idea to treat your lips and chin, because the surgeon can do with fillers, and the result can helps you to fill good. Do not forget good make up, and the hear in good conditions. 

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How can I improve my face profile

The simplest thing that you could do to balance your facial profile would be to address the excess fat underneath the chin using laser assisted lipocontouring. This would give you a more defined neck and jawline by creating a sharp crevico-mental angle. If you wanted more thorough treatment you could add a small chin implant to give you a bit more projection. I hope this helps.

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