How can I improve my eyes? (Photo)

Hi I was wondering how I can improve my eyes to look like more attractive. I think my eyes have some dark circles and look very "soft". How should I go about getting my eyes to look more similar to the models which I posted? Thanks!

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Blepharoplasty or not? To improve eyes:

You seem very young to get a cosmetic Blepharoplasty. This can really help if bags are creating the dark circles. I can't tell from the pictures, but I don't believe so for you.

The surgery can be done trans-conjunctival or thru the inside, so there is no scar. Recover is quick in my opinion. But as I said, it appears you don't have these bags. If you do, then this is an option.

Most likely injections will work best. Products like Restylane are very effective at helping with this area. If it doesn't work, a medicine can be used to remove it. This is called hyaluronidase.

Skin care programs with peels and microdermabrasion might also help with this area. They are good for almost everyone and have no significant risks.

I hope this helps.

Dr Chris Saunders

Wilmington Plastic Surgeon
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How to improve eyes?

I am not sure if the third photo you posted is of yourself or one of the models.  Assuming that the photo is of you, I would say that it might be possible to improve some of the darkness using a hyaluronic acid filler, like Restylane.  Also, I just wanted to mention that the first two photos of the models you posted do have some degree of darkness under the eyes as is present in the third photo, so I'm not sure what exactly you are striving to achieve.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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