How Do I Improve my 'Banana Roll'? (photo)

I recently had liposuction on my 'banana roll'. The results were minimal and my surgeon is afraid to do anymore liposuction as he believes the butt will drop. He has suggested thermage treatment, but my banana roll is currently both loose skin and fat, and I believe a greater area than thermage typically treats. I have also tried velashape, which gave no results. At this point I'm just desperate for anything that will give a good if any result. It is something that bothers me on a daily basis.

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Banana roll

Reducing your banana rolls, posterior upper thigh excess fat, if done properly and conservatively should give you improvement without making your buttocks drop.

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It may be good to have a touch up treatment.

See an expert who has done a lot of liposuction and has good contouring artistic skills.  I think this area can be improved by someone with a lot of skill and experience.  Check back with the doctor who did your procedure if you are not happy with the results to see what he/she suggests. 

Mark Taylor, MD
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How to treat Banana Roll under thigh

The banana roll is tricky! One way to treat would be to try liposuction again. There is a risk that this may be overdone and impact (lower) your buttock crease. A great option would be an inner thighlift. This is an operative procedure that does require some recovery. It is the most assured way to effectively treat the banana roll, however. The incision would travel along your groin crease in the front to the buttock crease in the back. The effect is removal of this tissue with overall improvement in the appearance of the upper thigh and buttock.

Michele A. Shermak, MD
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How Do I Improve my 'Banana Roll'? (photo)

Some form of ;laser lipo or ultrasound therapy like thermage or Body tite. But you are correct a very difficult area to treat. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Banana rolls

Banana rolls or fatty rolls jsut below the buttock crease are usually amenable to liposuction. However, if the skin is lax, it may make the laxity worse.  If there are localized pockets of fat that were not adequately treated, this may be improved upon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Banana rolls

The banana rolls are bulges of skin and fat on the back of the thighs just below the buttock crease. The major problem with them is they lie so close to the crease that aggressive liposuction of the rolls will disrupt the ligament in the crease. The makes the corresponding buttock sag as you have effectively punched a hole in the floor on which it sits. It is not really fixable which is why your surgeon is reasonably cautious. If you are persistent enough you will find someone who will what you want but the risk associated with it can make you much more unhappy than your current condition.

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Treatment Of A Banana Roll"

Thank you for the question and picture.

IMHO, liposuction of this area is fraught with potential complications and is usually not indicated. Based on your description of being “desperate” I'm concerned that you will have further treatment done that will either waste your time, resources  or worsen your  current situation.

I would suggest avoiding any further treatment for now.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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