Best Way to Improve Jawline? (Jaw Implants with Genioplasty? or Custom Wrap Around Manible Implant? (photo)

The photo's attached are with sticking neck out and chuwing jaw for better jawline (but you can see good bone structure. i want to create a longer face with strong jawline (oval shaped face) option 1: genioplasty with jaw implants (but can off the shelf jaw implants vertical lenghten the jaw good ? option 2: Custom wrap around jaw implant (works but very expensive) Can jaw implants with genioplasty also work? And how about the connection between those two (the middle of jaw) ?

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Genioplasty and Jaw Implants

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    Genioplasty and jaw implants can be combined, but your pictures demonstrate fairly well defined jaw and mental areas.  I would have to examine in a relaxed position to determine what would be necessary, if anything.

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