Improve Jawline and Chin? Define Cheeks? Would Like More Definition in Jawline. (photo)

When I look at pictures of my profile, I don't have much of a jawline and I would aim for a very define jawline if ever. Submental liposuction? Neck Lipo? Chin Implant?

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Definition of jawline

It is important not to just use an implant since you have a deep fold between you lower lip and chin; which will possibly worsen with only an implant in that area. You know your orthodontic/dental bite and this could be an issue to address to change your jawline. Talk to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon about it so you have a comprehensive understanding.

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Improving definition of jawline

Improving the jaw line is best performed with a chin implant.  These are silastic implants that come pre-manufactured and are inserted through a submental incision and placed directly over the bone.  This is usually performed under local anesthesia and would be a nice addition to the jaw line.  Liposuction of the neck is also performed, but only when there is excess fat present to accentuate the results of the chin implant.

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