What Might Improve my Jawline?

I can't figure out what is wrong with my profile. My jaw doesn't seem underdeveloped and, from what I can tell, I don't have a receeding chin. Nonetheless,my jawline is not very visible and seems to blend into my neck (despite being very thin). This makes my lower face seem small and undefined compared to my fairly prominent upper face, giving my whole face a rather droopy, unbalanced look, both from the front and the side. What might improve my profile - jaw implants, neck lipo,radiesse on the jawline, a chin implant? Ideally, I'd avoid surgery. Thank you!

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Jaw implants

You do not need fillers or chin implant . You probably need a mandibular angle implant. Before that you need a complete facial analysis then decide what you need .

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Improving jawline

A small amount of liposuction might be in order for the very small amount of fat that is present underneath your chin. From your photo the jawline definition actually looks quite good. You do not need a chin implant. Jaw implants are used from the frontal view making the jawline look wider and more square in appearance.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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