What Can Be Done to Improve Jaw Asymmetry? (photo)

The left side of my jawbone is more pronounced at the left. Although some people say it is not noticeable, but it can be seen clearly in photos. Just wondering what can be done about it and the costs involved. Thank you.

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Orthognathic Surgery and Genioplasty For Jaw Asymmetry

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There are a few ways to correct jaw asymmetry.  First of all, is your "bite" normal and if so did you have orthodontics to correct it?  If you bite is normal and you are happy with it, a genioplasty can be performed or possibly a chin implant can be placed depending on what your examination and workup information gives the surgeon.  If your teeth do not come together like they should, then orthognathic surgery is an option.  All of this depends on several factors as mentioned.  Based on your Photos alone, it seems that the issue is not just your chin, but one side of your mandible is "larger" than the other. Also based on the photos your bite is probably "off" unless you had orthodontics.  If this is the case then movement of the teeth was used to compensate for a true skeletal deformity.   Orthognathic surgery will involve an orthodontist to "prepare" your teeth for the jaw surgery anyway. Have a consultation with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to find out what option is best for you

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