Will This Improve with a Chemical Peel? (photo)

I have this brown spots aftee using a cream i already have a derms appoiment for feb 19 but i wanna know if a chemical peel will improve this im 15 :( and my sweet 16 is in 2 more month :'(

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You are 15: do not try a home chemical peel for any reason. Let the brown spot fade.

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Tsnt, the brown spot in your photo looks like it might be from an acne medicine you used trying to get rid of a pimple. Using a chemical peel will actually make this worse, not better. The key now is to be gentle with the spot and keep it out of the sun. Do not do any more treatments to the area yourself, even though your Sweet Sixteen birthday party is coming up. If you are worried, see a real dermatologist for help, but otherwise, just cover the spot with makeup for the party, and let it take time to fade by itself. It will take a few months, but the more you leave it alone, the better your result will be.

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