What's the quickest way to increase my breast size?

I have very small breast.....my friends has big ones.....plz help me increase my breast size.....

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Increase Breast Size


The most efficient way to quickly and safely increase the size of your breasts is to have breast augmentation surgery. Be sure to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon for a formal consultation.

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Breast Augmentation

You can improve your breast size very quickly by having a breast augmentation surgery in which a surgeon places prosthesis underneath your normal breast. Any plastic surgeon can do that procedure for you.

William J. Welsh, MD
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How Can I Improve Breast Size Very Fast?

There is no non-surgical way to increase you breast size.  That said, a breast augmentation does allow for a quick increase in breast size. This is outpatient surgery that gives an immediate results. Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and have a  consultation. 


Gordon Lewis, MD
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Breast implants to increase breast size

Breast implants are certainly the most reliable way to increase breast size, which is the reason that this is the most popular of the cosmetic surgeries.

W. Tracy Hankins, MD
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How can I get larger breast very fast?

Breast implants are certainly the fastest way. It shouldn't be treated as an emergency though. If you can get an appointment for the surgery, and you are off aspirin, advil, motrin, aleve, fish oil, vitamin E, then you can get it done tomorrow if you can get on a schedule. If you are on one of these products, wait two weeks.

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