Improve Belly Button After Peri Umbilical and 2x Hernias and Tumy Tuck? (photo)

Hi I havehad two hernia repairs in 4 months. In September I had a tummy tuck and belly repair what I thought I was getting. I now believe my bel button is more off a mess then before hand. I need advice please. I know I am only 2 weeks post but it's disgusting! I just want to curl up and cry :-(

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Belly button swollen post op tummy tuck

You are only 2 weeks post op and you need to let this heal over the next couple of months. You might be surprised how it looks then. If it is still unacceptable, you can have a revision.

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Improve Belly Button After Peri Umbilical and 2x Hernias and Tumy Tuck?

I can certainly see what troubles you about the appearance of your navel. What I see are the basics of what may prove to be a normal looking navel, currently very swollen. The swelling in not outside of expectations given that this was the third operation in the region over just four months. 


Expect it take six months for the swelling to resolve. Were you able to convince a surgeon to do something today it would probably look still worse in 2 weeks from now than it does today. 

Stay in touch with your surgeon to monitor your progress. Thanks for your question, best wishes 

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Although your BB looks abnormal right now, it's clearly swollen. Give it some time before freaking out. It will take several weeks to months to see the final result. Patience is key right now. Worrying can't help.



Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C) 

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Boggy Belly Button

Sorry for your issues.  First things first, you must let time improve the area.  Allow for reduction of the swelling and softening of the tissues.  This may be at the six month mark.  Reevaluation at that point will determine if umbilicoplasty is the answer with the thought in mind that the belly button has been operated on three times already. Try to have patience.

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I Have An Inflammed, Swollen Umbilicus 2 Weeks After Surgery - What Can I Do?

You have had 3 surgeries in a very short period of time on your belly button.  Although it looks really bad at this point, time is definitely necessary to allow your body to go through the normal, inflammatory post surgical process.  This area has been injured surgically over and over and over, and therefore, it will take time to settle down.  Once it settles and the redness is gone, it will look much much better.  

In my practice, I would use DMSO, the world's best anti-inflammatory to decrease the redness and swelling.  At this point, it would be appropriate to speak to your plastic surgeon about what techniques he or she uses to decrease inflammation and speed the healing process. 

Have faith.  Things will get better.

Two weeks is too soon to tell for your belly button

Two weeks is too soon to make a determination in regards to the appearance of your belly button, especially in light of the fact that the area has had two hernia repairs in four months.  I agree that the belly button looks swollen and a little discolored, but nothing abnormal for a mere two weeks following surgery.  Please give the area at least 6 months for the swelling and pink color to calm down and then reevaluate.  You may find that you end up liking the result. 

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