Can I Help Improve the Appearance of This Huge Scar on my Leg?

I would really appreciate any advice anybody could offer. When I was 2 years old, a pan of hot water fell on my left leg and foot. I have these deep scars as a result-they've never really changed for as long as I can remember. It looks like dead skin, with no hair growth and noticeably different coloration. Is there any type of laser or surgical procedure at all that could help fix its appearance? Is there any type of hair implanting technology or surgical offerings at all which could help?Thks!

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Fractional lasers work for burn scars

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There has been tremendous progress in our ability to treat these types of scars using fractionated laser technologies (i.e. Fraxel, Active or Deep FX, etc).  By using these lasers to damage only a fraction of the skin, you stimulate the skin to remodel itself and in the process the scar.  New collagen is produced and the texture will respond as well.

I believe that you would have some nice improvement from these lasers and I would recommend seeing someone locally who uses these lasers for a consult.  However, they will not improve the hair in the scar.

Good luck

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

Scar Removal

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There are some types of fractional lasers that can help scars, but do not be too hopeful for a 100% clearance.  Improvement is possible, normal tissue is not likely.  The leg is not an easy area to treat.

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