Options For Improper Lip Piercing Scar?

I have an improperly placed lip piercing scar inside the pink of my lower lip what options do I have for reduction? I'm hesitant to have it just stitched as I feel it might just draw more attention to it. Its a hole and white scar tissue around it because its inside my lip line you can see it more clearly. What are my options? I thought I might be able to stitch it wait till it heals then tattoo a light pink over the scar tissue is this far fetched? I know scar tissue is harder with tattoos..?

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Lip scar

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It sounds like surgical removal would be the best option. After surgical removal, I would recommend laser scar treatment with a pulsed dye laser and/or fractional laser before getting any skin colored tattoo. Skin colored tattoo are notoriously difficult to get perfect and the scar is likely better treated than covered with a tattoo.

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