Why is It Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

What happens if a tooth pulled is never replaced? What cosmetic dentistry procedures are recommended?

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Missing teeth

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When you lose a tooth or have a tooth extraction, the jaw bone underneath soon begins to weaken and the surrounding teeth begin to shift. If the tooth is not replaced soon, the loss of jawbone density can cause other teeth to fall out, further detracting from a healthy smile. Even before you lose more teeth, the surrounding teeth shift to fill in the space, leaving more spaces and gaps.In addition to causing further oral health problems, a visible missing tooth gap can actually influence the way other people see you. Even professionals and open-minded people make unconscious judgments based on appearance, and these judgments can negatively affect your social and professional life. Dental implants is a great option!

Fairfax Dentist

Importance of replacing a missing tooth

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Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems.  We strive to evaluate each patient and provide them with  options for replacing missing teeth. If a tooth is missing, you will not want to wait to replace it. The teeth surrounding the missing tooth can start to "fall-into" the missing tooth space and also disrupt your bite. If this happens, it may cost two to three times more to fix the situation.  An implant is the best choice, next would be a bridge.  Please see your dentist as soon as you can to have this situaion taken care of. It is very important and can lead to bigger problems.

Keith Blankenship, DDS
Jacksonville Dentist

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