Is Using Ear Cartilage Cheaper Than Rib in an Alar Graft?

I am looking to have Alar graft into my nose to lower rims. Using ear cartilage. But i need to know. In defintion is alar graft ear cartilage less costly then a Rib graft augementation rhinoplasty?Please come someone can give me a more specific answer.

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Ear vs Rib Cartilage

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In the setting of an alar rim graft I would routinely recommend ear cartilage as its natural curvature is oriented perfectly for this issue.  Rib cartilage is straighter and much stiffer and is better for dorsal onlay grafts compared to the softer area of the alar rim.  Concerning costs, typically ear carilage grafts in experienced hands are similar in price to rib cartilage but can be slightly less so because the risks are less and we are operating in the same generic zone which makes things easier and more straightforward than a second site at the rib.  Also, in my practice, it is routine that rib graft patient's stay a single night in the hospital to monitor their breathing so there are no issues at all.  Hope that helps!

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