Important Concerns About Removing Prominent Blue Temple Veins?

Concerns About Removing Prominent Blue Temple Veins? I need to know the following now so I wont be worried after I have them treated: Will the blood return to the heart at a reduced rate or the same rate? Where the blood flow from these veins go to after there removed? If its to other veins will these other veins be under greater pressure? In time could it increase there chance of these other veins expanding or bursting? thanks ever so much in advance for your help. God Bless. Jim

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Treating temple veins

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Treating temple veins have no consequence to venous physiology from the head. Rest assured, many people have had these treated as the scalp has a rich arterial and venous vasculature. You did not have these when you were younger and you will not miss them when they are treated, either by removal with microphlebectomy or sclerotherapy, RF treatment or laser therapy. 

Very safe procedure.

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Nothing will change with the return of blood to the heart. The flow is the same. There are many other veins which will compensate for these removed veins without any bad side effects or change in the venous pressure in these veins. Removing these veins will not increase the chances of other veins expanding.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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