Importance of Compression Garment for TT, Thigh/Arm Lift, and How Long Do I Wear It?

I had a second completely redone with mr tt and thigh lift and arm lift. How important is it to wear a tight compression and for how long? It's been 3 weeks and garment is loose, do I need to purchase a smaller size?

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Compression Garment

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Compression Garments are very important during your post op recovery, Every Doctor manages different brands and models.

They help minimize the swelling and protect your body while it heals. It also works as a frame for the new beautiful body your Doctor has sculptured for you. As the swelling goes down your garment size will go down as well. Stage two garments are of great use since the swelling takes a couple of months to disappear completely.

Compression garment too loose

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Compression garments are very important in reducing swelling early and preventing swelling later. I usually ask pts to wear garments for 6 weeks. Speak with your plastic surgeon  get his/her protocol.

Post surgical garments control swelling and provide support

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A postop garment is essential after a tummy tuck w muscle repair otherwise you risk damaging the muscle repair during the first 6 weeks after surgery.  Form arms and thighs once the swelling has improved you most likely do not need the garment.  However, each surgeon does their surgery a little differently and their post op guidelines differ.  Talk to your plastic surgeon to get directions on what to do.


Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Compression garments help with contour

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In the early stages of healing after tucks and lifts, there can be significant swelling in the tissues that responds to wearing a compression garment.  If the garment is loose, you are not getting as much benefit and should be resized and fitted.  In our office, in addition to garments, we perform ultrasound therapy, lymphatic massage and hyperbaric oxygen treatments to aid the reduction in swelling, bruising and oxidative stress of surgery.  Most patients see improvements with a combination of all of these modalities.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Compression garment

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Every plastic surgeon has his own regimen for the postop garments. If your's is now loose, your doctor will advise whether you should purchase a smaller size or use less compression, such as Spanx or a body shaper.

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