Improving Facial Profile?

I was wondering what would be suggested to improve my facial profile.

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Opinion for facial surgery options: non-surgical vs surgical

This is a limited view. From a purely anaytical approach and in my opinion, your nasal bridge is deep and or your brow is prominent. In contrast your chin does not project in line with your lower lip. Fillers can achieve temporary enhancement of these structures and allow you to determine if you should seek long term solutions

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Chin implants can improve profile when needed

Chin implants are typically inserted in the chin area to augment the chin profile to further balance facial features. Most people do not need a chin implant. You must have a retrusive chin prior to undergoing elective cosmetic surgery to augment the mandible.  

William Portuese, MD
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Assessment before surgery

You may be a candidate for a cheek implant. Other than that I can't see any problem with your profile unless you want something specific addressed. It is like you are saying you want facial surgery and then asking what surgery should you have. Most surgeons do not work that way. The prospective patient has to voice something specific that they want changed like a receding chin etc. Even if a prospective patient asks me for a rhinoplasty I do not start the examination or go over options for surgery until they verbalize what it is that they do not like about their current nose. If a prospective patient cannot verbalize what they currently want changed how will they be able to properly assess the result after surgery?

Aaron Stone, MD
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