Do Imploded Breasts After Explant Reverse Themselves? (photo)

I'm in a panic. 33 year old silicone removed 9/30/13 and I see the doctor tomorrow on 10/6. Left one horribly imploded. What could have gone wrong and can this be fixed! It's been a week since op and seems to be healing like this. Is time of the essence. Any opinion valued. Thanks for being there! Trying to keep faith in my doctor.

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Breast distortion after implant removal

Hello Miracle Seeker- Miracles do happen but sometimes they take a lot of patience. Time softens scars quite a bit and will only help in your situation. So be patient and ask your surgeon why s/he thinks this retraction of your tissues is occurring. Part of the answer is related to whether or not the capsule was removed and whether or not suturing of the space was performed to help close the space. Your surgeon should be able to make sense of this for you. If it is a suture pulling in on your tissues, then it should relax once the suture is absorbed. If a followup surgery is required, it is good that you have enough of your own tissue remaining to allow more symmetry to be achieved.  Good luck to you. 

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Implant removal

The shape of your breasts after implant removal often depends upon how much breast tissue is left, and how much scar tissue was removed. Your surgeon can discuss this with you. Massaging the indented or scarred areas is often helpful, but you will need to ask your surgeon when to start this. After healing, if you are not happy with your size or shape, fat transfer may be a good option, especially in indented areas.

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