Was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 Years Ago, Could My Breast Implants Have Caused this?

My ? Is that for the past 2 years my body has become very weak and ache and I was diganosed with fibroymalja . i got my send set of implants in 2007 and I have had the most discomfort mainly in my left side where it feel like it is scratching me under the implant it is very painful and most of my right side has been weaker and painful. .Im not sure why this is happening and it dont feel right . we know when our bodies are not right and it is not so can this be the cause of me getting sick.

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Fibromyalgia and implants

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You do not say if you have saline or silicone gel implants. In either case there is no evidence from the numerous retrospective and prospective studies that have been performed that is any higher incidence of medical conditions in patients with implants versus people without implants at all.

Tucson Plastic Surgeon

Fibromyalgia after breast augmentation

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When the FDA began studies of silicone implants, they looked at many diseases to see if they were any more common in women with implants when compared to all women. None of the studied illnesses were more likely to occur in women with breast implants. 

Fibromyalgia is a relatively new diagnosis. Its rate of occurrence is not known for the general population, and there are no specific tests of verify that diagnosis, so no one can say with assurance that it is not more common in implant patients. But since patients with similar symptoms related to other diagnoses clearly are not at higher risk for those illnesses, it does seem unlikely that any relationship of implants to fibromyalgia will be found.

Nonetheless, with the presence of breast pain, you should see your surgeon and discuss if there might be a treatable mechanical cause for the pain (such as capsular contracture). If not, a discussion with your surgeon and your medical doc regarding the pros and cons of removal of the implants would be appropriate.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fibromyalgia due to breast implants?

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Short answer: probably not.

Long answer: in the 15 years silicone breast implants were unavailable for primary breast augmentation, a large number of research studies looked at the actual health related effects of breast implants on individuals. These studies concluded that they do not cause breast cancer, connective tissue disease, Lupus, or fibromyalgia. While no study is 100% accurate, these were performed with over 95% confidence in these results. 

Sometimes, however, a patient won't be put at ease unless her implants are ultimately removed. 

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