Are Implants for Me?

I have a very wide ribcage for my frame (33", 64" tall). I currently measure at a 34 DD, but as you can see, I lack fullness and cleavage without a push up bra on. I would like to have cleavage without wearing a push up bra, and to make my breasts look their size. Are impants the right solution for me?

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Are breast implants for me?

If you want more fullness in the upper pole of your breasts, and perhaps more fullness towards the middle of your chest ("cleavage"), and are willing to go up in size (even though you do not have to have a large implant to give you some more fullness in these areas), then you are a candidate for a breast augmentation.  I always caution patients who are focused on cleavage, however.  There is a limit to how much medial breast fullness you can achieve depending on your anatomy, and cleavage, as such, is really formed by the breasts being pushed together, for example by a bra.  No matter how large your breasts are, they will not "touch" unless you are pushing them together.  More fullness towards the inner aspect of your breasts is possible, however, although I would comment that in your photo you look like you have a fair amount of fullness there already.  You must accept the risks and limitations associated with implants and implant surgery...if you do, then you are a good candidate.

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You do not need much volume

The pictures and your own word implies that you want more shape and less volume . You are DD and implants will make you even bigger. You have uneven breast, large areola and want cleavage. I would recommend breast lift and fat grafting for the cleavage. You can check my web site for examples.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Implants may be right for you

Augmentation of a fuller breast can indeed lead to better cleavage and upper fill. The implant does not need to be so large as to push you into a very large cup size, and with a subglandular implant you can have a moderate augmentation and better shape, and a good blending of the breast and breast implant. Yes, breast implants may be right for you.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Are implants for you

What every woman considering implants has to consider is that having implant surgery is a commitment to having future surgery. They eventually have to be replaced. In addition,  there is always the potential that revisional surgery will be needed for a less than satisfactory result. Once you answer those questions you will know if implants are the solution for you! Good luck!!!

Marcel Daniels, MD
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Are implants for me

Implants can certainly create the fullness you ask for.   You will need a large implant to give you fullness as the breast and subcutaneous tissues are very thick.  You currently wear a DD bra, so you can expect your bra size to go upat least one or 2 cups. 

Beverly Friedlander, MD
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon
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