Had Implants for 2 Yrs, One is Now Lower Than the Other, Why?

I have had my saline implants for almost two years, I just noticed the right one is considerably lower than the other one, its like this happened over night-What could have caused this? My implants are 505 cc's-Ive never had any issues with my implants before.

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Bottoming out?

You may have bottoming out at this point.. WIthout an exam it is hard to say, but in general no two breasts are exactly the same.

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Implant bottoming out can happen late

There are a number of possible reasons why one implant would drop over time. Thre is always some asymmetry of the chest wall and so perhaps there was less tissue support on that side, leading to gradual settling. Another is if the muscle is more active on one side, since each time the pec is flexed it pushes down on the implant. It is usually corrected by sewing up the bottom of the scar capsule, called a capsulorrhaphy, but if the tissues are thin then additional support might be needed. This is done with a material called Strattice, which forms a sort of living internal bra.

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One breast lower than the other after breast augmentation

Difficult to answer this question without a photo. But it is possible that one of your breasts has undergone bottoming out which is when the lower breast pole gets longer and allows the breast implant to fall down or you may have one breast undergoing capsular contracture which tends to keep the implant high versus the lower breast is your normally aging breast.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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