I Had Implants 2 Weeks Ago and I Went Form a 34 B to 34D Well I Am Still a B What is Happening

will I ever be a D

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Same size after augmentation.

Every patient undergoing breast augmentation should have a clear idea and line of communication with their surgeon regarding shape and size of the implants. It would be highly unusual for a patient to have the same cup size after augmentation unless they were improperly fitted either before or after the surgery. All women have a degree of swelling initially which goes away after several weeks. However, if you are not the size you would like to be, a frank discussion with your surgeon to discuss reaugmentation surgery is needed.

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I Had Implants 2 Weeks Ago and I Went Form a 34 B to 34D Well I Am Still a B What is Happening

Your question is confusing. Did you appear as a D cup right after surgery? If yes than you had swelling. If you appeared as the same or slightly larger after surgery than the chosen implant size was wrong or there was a mis understanding in the size chosing process. So you will need and exchange to a larger size, Sorry

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Same size after breast augmentation

Hi Candi,

It is really important to make sure there is open and clear communication with your PS before you agree to have a procedure. That being said, I find it hard to believe there is no change in breast size since your surgery. One thing you might consider is to have yourself professionally measured. Often times bra manufacturers' sizes differ. That may be one explanation. Talk to your PS and see what size implants were placed.

Just so you know:

ON AVERAGE   200cc equals one cup size

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Same size after breast augmentation?

Seems unlikely that you went from a 34 B, and still wear a B cup after breast augmentation. If expectations are that far off the mark then something has gone awry with your preoperative discussion and communication of what you really wanted. It is very important that you find a surgeon that will listen and one that you can be open to in order to reach the cup size you hope for.

Best of luck,


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Post op swelling

Dear Candi, It appears as if you had a great deal of swelling after surgery, simulating a D cup.  You may need a larger implant if you are committed to becoming a D.  Best advice is to let everything heal.  There will  changes that occur with healing that may affect the bra size that you wear, and you may be closer to that D cup than you think.  Be patient and keep an open mind.

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