Do I Need to Get All Implants Done at the Same Time in Order to Have a Removable Denture?

can i do 2 on top left side then come back in 3 months and do 2 on the top right side and still be able to get removable denture.

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Implants Done at the Same Time

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I think you could probably do it that way, but it might end up costing you more money because you would need two separate surgeries, anesthesia twice, etc. Unless there's a really good reason for splitting them up, I think the best idea is to do them all at once, wait three months and then you're ready for your denture.

Cleveland Dentist

Healing process

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Yes you can , because the removable denture would not anchor from those implants , the healing process takes up to 3 months ,so implants can be placed separately, there are several techniques where you can have great results, Hope this helps.

The Timing for Dental Implant Placement

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If you are interested in having 4 implants, you may want to know that you have other options as well including immediate permanent teeth at the time of your surgical procedure! Of course you can have implants place 1 at a time, but if you consider what you will go through 4 times instead of once, you may wish to save your money and do it right! With 2 implants in the upper jaw, you can have a more securely retained denture but with 4 you can have less of the plastic palate and or permanent teeth with a new procedure called “All on 4” Most experienced offices will offer financing to be able to complete the treatment in one setting.

Bernard Ian Krupp, DDS
Baltimore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Need to Get All Implants Done at the Same Time to Have a Removable Denture?

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Do you really need to have all of the implants done at the same time? The answer is you don't have to but there may be reasons why it could be a lot easier.

There are a few good reasons why you can do it in phases::

  • You will have less surgery at once. 
  • You may be able to spread out your costs.
  • It may be easier to adjust to your denture during the healing phase.
  • Because it is your preference.

There are also a few good reasons why it might be better to do it all at once.

  • One surgery, one healing time. You will not be twice as sore. Many people prefer to just get this part over with once and be done with it.
  • Your implant dentist may be able to help coordinate your finances. It may not be less expensive to try to "time it". 
  • Your denture will have to be adjusted regardless of whether you have one or two surgeries. You will have twice the time of having to get used to it again.
  • You will likely have well more than double the appointments doing it one side at a time. It may take 30 - 40% of the time by doing it all at once.

You sound like you may have specific reasons why you want to do it this way. Make sure to discuss your preferences and your thought process with your implant dentist. There may be some other factors that you haven't considered.

I have found as a cosmetic and implant dentist in Denver, that great results come from you as the patient expressing your desires and concerns, and then I can match the route to get great results in a way that addresses all of your concerns. Thanks, Scott Greenhalgh, DDS.




implant placemet for RPD

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Yes, you can get 2 implant now and 2 implants later and still receive your denture. Actually, if your implant placement procedures are straight forward and does not require extensive bone grafting, which would lead to significant  change in surface anatomy , you can have your removable denture done now. After the placement of the implants, the area in the denture can be relieved to facilitate implant healing. After the complete healing of your 4 implants you can have your denture relined and your implant attachments can be successfully incorporated in it too.

Zina Kaleinikova, DDS, MS
Cleveland Dentist

Dental Implants-Do it Once and Forget About it

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Patients always come in asking if they can stage their treatment. Sometimes it is because of fear, finances, scheduling or all three. 

Dental Implants is a a great modality to increase your quality of life. Getting all the implants placed at once will:

1) guarantee your treatment outcome

2) Cause you less discomfort in the future (one Surgery)

3) Save you on cost. Surgeons are more apt to offering a discount to patients that get all the work done at once. If it is a finance issue ask your doctor if they offer a payment plan with companies like care credit that have 0% interest for 1 year.

You will be glad you had it done because it will just bring you closer to the wonderful world of Dental Implants. The ability to chew and eat what you want without worrying about your denture falling out in public.


Make sure you pick a doctor who is experienced in implant dentistry. If you can find someone who does the surgery and the teeth it will be your best bet!

Good Luck!

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