Can implants still change at 4 months post op?

I had 425l 475 cc R on sept 27,13. I see progress dropping a little bit.They are not fully round on the bottom yet. are even to where my shoulder and elbow meet. (High) My surgeon today said I will take a yr since I was a small a before Nd he will not do any revision until a year passes. One of my creases are a little higher and that nipple is a little lower too. (Assymmetry preop) should I wait a year or at the 6 month mark consider revision to pull down the implants, n raise the one nipple?

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Change in implants

Implants can change throughout you life time. After four months any changes will be gradual unless a major event like pregnancy occurs.

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Wait at least 6 months for revision implant surgery if possible

This is especially true when there was pre-existing asymmetry. The changes will happen more slowly, but the best advice is to wait 6-12 months unless the problem is severe.

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Thank you for your question.

Although a picture will be very helpful to see, the answer is that you can replace the implants at this point as long as your lab results state that you're in a healthy stage to have another surgical procedure.

Good luck,
Dr. Campos

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Yes, your breast will continue to change

Your body is not made of stone and is constantly changing.  Your breasts will continue to change a little over time.  Waiting a year is not a bad plan

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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