Swelling Under Arms, And Hard Implants. Normal 1 Week Post-Op?

i had breast augmentation on the 18th and i know they may still be swollen but is it all swelling under my arms or are my implants sitting under my arms? when i push in on them a little bit it doesnt feel like just swelling, it almost feels like the implant is there, on both sides. is this normal? or do you think its just swelling? when they drop will they move out from under my arms if in fact thats where they are sitting right now? And they feel kinda hard, not natural feeling.  thanks!

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Under Arm Swelling

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Swelling on the side of your chest- to the side of your breasts- is common.  This is usually accompanied by bruising.  Swelling in your armpit is not- it's difficult without a picture to get a good sense of what you mean.  If the implant is sitting too far to the side it can feel like a fullness to the side of our breast and I have seen this in my office.  If you feel your breast and imagine the 'circle underneath' that is your implant (most implants used tday have a round base) then your nipple should generally be near the center of that circle.  That's probably the best way to self-assess what's going on.  Any experienced breast augmentation surgeon should be able to tell you what's going on.  If you attach a photo it might be more helpful.

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1 week after Breast Augmentation

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It is normal to be swollen 1 week after surgery. It sounds like this is normal swelling. I would consult your plastic surgeon just to make sure that it is normal swelling. It takes about 3 months for the implants to drop and take their final shape.

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Swelling common

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This is common since you are still very early on in your recovery. The swelling will go away in a couple of months and your breasts will soften with tissue expansion, so your implants won't feel so hard anymore.

Swelling 1 week after breast surgery

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Swelling is normal 1 week out from surgery. However, you should address any questions/concerns regarding recovery with your surgeon directly for the best/accurate diagnosis and advice. Best wishes.

You should look good one week after breast implants

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There may be a bit of swelling a week after breast augmentation though your breast should look pretty good after the first week. If you requested a very full result it may take several weeks for the skin envelop to relax and implants to settle. Under your arms? Better see your surgeon.

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Post op swelling

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when is your post op visit with your surgeon?  go see him so you can get some reassurance

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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