Breast Implants Look Saggy After a Capsulotomy

I had a capsulotomy and had a haematoma on the r side which also was the side that was 'harder'. After going back to theatre the same day it was revised. I had some new paratay? implants that are french. Nearly a year on and the r side looks flatter and droopier than the other side and I have 'rippling'which is considerably worse on the r side. Do you think I have a rupture? or do you think that it is just because I have little if none breast tissue?

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Breast Implants Look Saggy After a Capsulotomy

A thin overlying breast tissue envelope will allow visibility of underlying ripples or folds in the implant. This is aggravated by the prsence of capsule which can create fixed folds in the implant.

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Rippling and sagging

Without photos or an exam it is difficult to say.  However, rippling develops in patients who have very thin soft tissue coverage.

Steven Wallach, MD
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