Implants Removed Silicone Leaked into Lymph Nodes Hair is Falling Out, Weightloss Dizzyness?

I am concerned about my mum she has had her silicone implants taken out but some of it has leaked into Lymph nodes the doctor told her he cant take all the silicone out? She is losing her hair and dramatically losing weight considering she does eat? She isn't sleeping properly can be confused and sometimes feels dizzy and sick. I am really worried the hospital doesn't seem to be doing much to help? This can't carry on. Please help.

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Implants Removed Silicone Leaked into Lymph Nodes

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There are rheumatologists who have seen many patients with systemic medical complaints and who have had breast implants. Finding one would be my recommendation. 

Evaluating symptoms like these are way outside the expertise of plastic surgeons. However most of us are aware of extensive studies done with cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration during the implant scare in the 1990s. No increased incidence of rheumatic disease was noted in those studies.

Thanks for your question. Best wishes. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

No relationship between systemic diseases and implants

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Autoimmune problems are most common in young women and young women get breast augmentations.  The incidence of connective tissue disorders in women with implants is 3 / 1,000.  The incidence of connective tissues disorders in women without implants is 3/1,000.  There is no know improvement in autoimmune  problems that occur in women implants once they are removed. Silicone is everywhere, it is the anitfoaming agent in beer, in food dyes and hairspray.  There just is not relationship that has been   established between these two problems.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Weight Loss, Hair Loss and Confusion after Silicone Implant Removal

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   How long ago were the silicone implants removed?  Also, does your mother have any other medical conditions or diagnoses?  I will say that there is a huge amount of data suggesting silicone gel implants do not increase the incidence of connective tissue disease or autoimmune disorders.

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