Do You Recommend a Breast Lift w/ Implant Removal?

At 18 & a 32C I got implants to a full D. Now 33 with 2 children I am a 32F. I want to have my implant removed, would you recommend a lift? Also would it be difficult to guesstimate my size after the removal? Thx

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32F and removing implants

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That's quite a large size, you'll certainly need a lift after removing the implants.  The timing can be all at once but your medical history is critical and a better, more aesthetic lift may be possible if your plastic surgeon prefers it.  Best wishes

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lift and implants

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There are 2 problems with breast sagging:

1. the nipple position moves lower on the breast

2. you loose fullness up top and cleavage (the breast appears flat on top)

If you are wanted to remove excess skin and move the nipple back up to the middle of your breast - a breast lift is a wonderful way to do it!  If you are larger than you want to be - you would want to remove the implant AND perform a breast lift.  The only problem with this option is that you may loose the fullness at the top of your breast that the implant is providing - if this is the case you would want a to exchange your implant for a smaller implant and have a breast lift.  This last option would decrease your size, lift your breast and make sure it remained full with great cleavage!

Breast implant removal and lift?

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Direct physical examination would be necessary to accurately answer the question.

What your breasts will look like after explantation  depends on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back),  the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since the time of your breast augmentation). 
Life experience since your breast augmentation procedure, such as pregnancy or weight gain weight loss, will  potentially influence the factors discussed above. If you take these factors into consideration and apply them  to your specific circumstances you may get a good idea of what to expect after the implants are removed.
Occasionally, I see patients who just want the implants removed because they don't want the implants "to be a part of them" anymore.  Make sure you think about this and that this is the right thing for you.  It's difficult to say if you need a lift after removal -- no one will know exactly what your breasts will look like after the implants are removed until it is done.  Talk to a well-trained and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and get good advice.
Best wishes.

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Performing a lift is frequently needed after breast implant removal

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It's hard to give you an answer without actually seeing you, but I very frequenly recommend a lift after implant removal to restore breast shape.

Will I need a lift after implant removal?

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Since you are young, I would hope that your skin elasticity is pretty good.  That being said, if you didn't have much droop prior to your implants, usually the shape of the breast is pretty reasonable after merely removing the implants, and giving the skin about 6 months to contract.

So, that's what I would do first - remove the implants, or even just deflate them percutaneously if they are saline, and see how it goes....

After 6 months, then you can decide whether you need a lift and would be willing to put the scars that go along with a breast lift on your breast in order to get an improved shape.


Uncertain about lift after breast implant removal

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Breast lift is all about nipple position and breast shape. Your implants can be easily removed, and if you are uncertain about final breast volume and appearance, it can pay to wait and have a lift later if needed. That way you can be sure that the extra expense and the scar are worth the effort.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Removing breast implants and having a breast lift

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If you have breast implants and want them to be removed, I would recommend removing the implants then waiting about six months to allow the skin to shrink and contract.  Then, if you need a lift, it can be better planned. This waiting or staging, is also safer from a skin blood supply standpoint. You don't want to attempt to remove implants and do a lift at the same time as there is too much guesswork involved and your surgeon will not be sure where your final nipple position will end up.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift and Implant Removal

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Some surgeons would recommend a lift simultaneously after implant removal and some would not.  I would not. The last thing I would want to happen would be to decrease the circulation to the nipple. This may result in loss of the nipple.   The breast is allowed to heal (3 months) and then a mastopexy can be done if neeeded.

Dr. ES

Implant Removal May Not Require a Breast Lift

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You may not necessarily require a lift after breast implant removal.  The loss of implant weight will allow some of the skin to spring back and with time, further skin retraction will occur.  I would wait at least six months and see what you need.  On the other hand, if you are droopy now, you will probably be droopy after implant removal and a lift will be needed.  Your surgeon can give you proper advice after an examination and can give you an idea what your breast size may be.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant removal and lift

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It sounds as if you have a significant amount tissue that is contributing to your best size. Depending on your examination, your surgeon will decide if it is best to perform this operation in one or two steps. I vary this approach according to the individual

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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