Wanting Implant Removal: Can I Get a Lift to Improve Breast Appearance?

I don't want to deal with implants anymore

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Implant removal and breast lift

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Breast implant removal and breast lift can be combined easily (in most patients). How aesthetically pleasing the appearance of the breasts would be afterwards will depend on how much breast tissue you have left after removing the implant and of course how you expect your breasts to look. In people with very little breast tissue an uplift alone may not be enough to give a nice appearance.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Implant removal and breast lift

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Breast lift following removal of no longer wanted and/or needed breast implants is a high satisfaction procedure in patients with realistic expectations.  Sometimes the lift can be done at the same time as the implant removal if the conditions are idea.  Many times it's safer to remove the implants, let the breasts heal and then do a lift a few months later.  Also, fat transfer to the breast may be reasonable approach after the breasts have healed.  I just returned from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and there were some very promising results with fat grafting when done using the BRAVA device preoperatively to expand the breast prior to injecting the fat.  If you look into this, make sure you go to a board certifed plastic surgeon.  There are a lot of nonsurgeons out there doing a lot of bogus stuff with fat grafting. 

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Implant removal

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You can certainly have your implants removed, and have a breast lift to tighten your breast tissue. However, you will be smaller.

Victor Au, MD (retired)
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Removal and Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

If breast lifting is indicated after your breast implants are  removed,  it can usually be done at the same time.  Obviously, what your breasts look like after breast implant removal will likely determine your plastic surgeons course of action.

Generally speaking what breasts look like after explantation  depends on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back),  the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since the time of your breast augmentation). 

Life experience since your breast augmentation procedure, such as pregnancy or weight gain weight loss, will  potentially influence the factors discussed above. If you take these factors into consideration and apply them  to your specific circumstances you may get a good idea of what to expect after the implants are removed.
Consulting with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in person will be helpful.

I hope this helps.

Combination Breast Implant Removal and Breast Lift

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Breast Implant removal (explantation) can be followed by a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) either at the same procedure or as a delayed procedure. When removing under the breast / over the muscle AND lifting the deflated breasts at the same time, there is a higher likelihood of loss of the nipple complex. This is even more likely if done in a smoker. Discuss all your options with your plastic surgeon.

Peter A Aldea, MD 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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