How to Minimize Anchor Scars with Explantation or Smaller Implants?

I have large implants along with a lift. They are starting to look square and this is the 5th lift over 4 pregnancies. Im thinking of removing them or going alot smaller. What is the best way to minimize my anchor scars if I go smaller/remove implants

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Best way to limits scars after implant/removal/lift

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The best method to limit the scars is to perfotm this procedure in two stages. Therefore the the scars will shrink and the extent of the surgery will be modified to accopllish the desired lfit.  

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of implants and skin reduction

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I am assuming you have already had a mastopexy and your current  scars are anchor in shape.  The best way to treat your present conditioin is to decide whether you wish to go smaller with either  removal of  the implants and or  replace the current implants with smaller ones.   At this point in your decision I would  reduce the  skin envelop  by performing a revision mastopexy with excision of excess skin.  

I obtain the best scars by closing the skin with a running subcuticular sutures of prolene and  I leave them in place for 1 to 2 months.  I remove them only prematurely if the skin becomes irritated which is very rare.  Prolene is nonreactive with skin and there is almost no body response to it.  The longer the suture remains  in place the stronger and more mature the scar.   A mature scar is likely to spread or to thicken.  I hope this answers your question.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Minimize Breast Lifting Scars?

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Thank you for the question.

One of the main downsides associated with breast lifting surgery are the scars. Time tends to improve the appearance of scars. You will find that the scars will improve in appearance even after a year has gone by.
Sometimes the use of silicone-based products may be helpful in scar management.. In the event of unfavorable scarring steroid injection may be helpful. The use of superficial radiation treatment is possible for symptomatic scars.  Sometimes scar revision surgery and careful scar management afterwards may be helpful. Despite anecdotal reports I have not seen significant improvement with laser treatment of scars.

I hope this helps.

Minimizing scars after breast surgery

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I would recommend massage and Mederma to help minimize your scars after surgery.  Check with your plastic surgeon about his/her specific recommendations first.

Anchor scar and breast lift

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I have difficulty answering this question without seeing photos.  If you don't really need a big lift, and are downsizing, a lollipop incision may be all that you need.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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