Implants Removed with Full Lift. So Far So Good, but Worried About Potential Complications, Particularly Tearing Incision?

After having breast implants for about 12 years, I decided to have them removed after growing much larger than I had once hoped to be. About 2 weeks ago, I finally did it as well as havin a full anchor breast lift. I had removable sutures around the nipples, which were removed at 10 days, the rest will dissolve on their own. I have a friend who had a full breast lift with implants who tore part of her incision, and I am so worried about doing the same. At what point is this no longer a risk?

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Worried About Tearing Incision

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This is not a likely consequence. When this occurs it can be mechanical (too much exertion), or a result of poor wound healing, or of a fluid collection. Other than avoiding stress on the incision, there is not much that you can do to minimize the chances.

As far as wound strength goes, by six weeks the incision will reach 90% of the strength that it will ever reach, on average. After that time, no particular precautions are needed.

Thanks, best wishes for an uneventful recovery. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Complications after Surgery

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It is unlikely at this point that you will open your incision. As time goes on the risk will decrease until six weeks, then it will no longer be a problem.

Follow your doctors instructions and you should be fine.

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Your risk of wound healing problems is low as long as you follow your PS instructions to minimize your risk of complications.  I'm sure you will do fine.  Good luck.

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