Had Implants Removed (CC) , a Lift and a Fat Graft 6 Months Ago. Unhappy with Size. (photo)

Do I Go for Implants Again or Another Graft? first set silicone implants were moved and replaced after 17 years had no cc issues but warned about shelflife. Above muscle. Developed CC after 6 years, removed after 12 years. Happy with "lift" but feel they are too small. I do not want to be very big, maybe another cup size Am 56, 5.10. 155lbs. Big hips. Feel out of proportion. If I go for implants again above or under the muscle? Or another fat graft ?

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Size of breast

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Typically, fat grafting will add about 3/4 to 1 cup size to your breast per session.  Fat grafting may be repeated, usually waiting at least 3 months to let the first grafts heal.  If you want to be larger, or don't want to repeat the fat grafting, smaller implants may be a good choice. The silicone gel implants may be placed on top of the muscle for a more natural placement and movement.  Try to determine what size you might like, and ask your surgeon what would be best for you.

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