Implants Put in Through my Armpits - Now I Feel a Painful Rubberband-like Pulling

My implants were done through the armpit almost 2 weeks ago, it feels like tight rubberbands are pulling under my arms and i cant lift my arms past my shoulders. what is this from and what do I do?

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Post-op transaxillary discomfort

Since you are only two weeks out of surgery, you may be experiencing normal post-op pain form the trans-axillary approach.  Check with yoru doctor.

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Sweeling for the first 2 weeks is very common.  Only your surgeon who placed the implants has the most accurate explanation of what is going on at this time.  Have you had a recent office visit?

Implants Put in Through my Armpits - Now I Feel a Painful Rubberband-like Pulling

This is very likely contraction of the tunnel used to place the implant. Range of motion exercises as guided by your plastic surgeon will ease this sensation.

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Postop questions or concerns

This may represent numerous things.  The best thing to do is to see your plastic surgeon to have him/her examine you.  Your PS is the best person to inform you about your concerns.

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Banding in armpit after transaxillary breast augmentation

It is possible for some patients to develop a band of scar tissue across the armpit after transaxillary breast augmentation. This may be the result of limitation of motion of the arm after surgery. Gradually increasing range of motion and massage of the band should help the condition resolve. You should also discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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Please see your doctor

This may be a normal healing,but you need to see your doctor to make sure that everything is ok. The pulling can be from muscle spasm or just scaring.

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