Which Implants Produce a More Natural Result - Silicone Gels or Anatomicals?

Do anatomical implants come as a silicone gel, or are they cohesive? Saline?

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Round Implants or Anatomic Implants?

     Round implants are more commonly placed and usually have fewer problems, such as rotational deformity in anatomic implants. 

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Anatomic implants

Anatomic, or tear drop shaped implants, have come and gone in various forms ever since implants were first invented.  It sounds like a good idea, but they often have problems, such as  rotating the wrong way.  I have never used teardrop shaped implants and never will.  They are a loser! At least in my opinion.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Anatomic vs Round Breast Implants

You have a very good question which is commonly asked. When you stand up, the round implant takes on a teardrop shape because of the weight of the implant and the way the chest muscle lays over the implant (when under the muscle). The anatomic implant looks nearly the same teardrop shape when standing. The difference is seen when you lay on your back. The round implant becomes round like a natural breast. The anatomic implant stays teardrop shaped which looks a bit silly. So, when you look at all different positions, it is a no brainer that the round implant looks more natural. 

 Anatomic implants can be saline, cohesive gel, or form stable (even more cohesive and harder).

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Natural Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Types

The concept of a natural breast augmentation result is open to individual interpretation. It would be important that you show pictures to your surgeon as to what types of augmentation results you like and don't like so your version of a natural result can be best achieved. Both saline and silicone gel breast implants can produce natural looking results with properly selected size and profiles of implants. In thin women, silicone implants can feel more natural because they have little to no rippling which often occurs in saline implants.

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Cohesive gels are susually anatomic in shape, but less cohesive gels can be anatomic or round.  I prefer at this point the round implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Natural Results After Breast Augmentation Is In The Eyes of the Beholder

What patients mean by a "natural" result after breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. Photos of patient from a website like implantinfo.com who have had breast augmentation are a good way to show your surgeon what you mean by a "natural" result. Upper pole fullness is one of the most common findings in an un-natural result, but it is also a desireable outcome for many patients.  While moderate profile and shaped implants can be used to reduce upper pole fullness, dimensional planning and not selecting an implant that is too large are the most important considerations.  It sounds like you need to have a more thorough discussion about the outcome and size that you would like to achieve.  Best of luck

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Implant Type

The type and shape of your implants are just part of the equation to help you achieve your goals.  In addition to considering your implant shape/type, the technique utilized for your augmentation and implant size selection are very important.  I generally prefer a dual plane technique for my breast augmentation procedures.  Most of my patients also prefer the cohesive silicone gel implants.  But depending on your tissue quality, you may still do well with saline implants.   Please visit with a board certified PS to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu

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Houston, TX

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Which looks more natural?

The key to getting a natural look is proportion.  The bigger the implant size, and the more high profile it is - the more fake it will look.


That being said, you can get a natural look with proportionately sized moderate profile implants behind the muscle.  You can also get a natural look with a proportionately size anatomic "teardrop" design implant.  As a matter of fact, it can be hard to distinguish one from the other, when you look at the result photos.  So, both choices are reasonable, from that point of view.


Currently, in the USA, we are still waiting for the introduction of the cohesive gel filled teardrop devices.  Maybe in 2013.....

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Anatomical Not Necessary

Smooth, round silicone gel implants placed under the muscle give the most natural looking and feeling breasts since they behave more like a woman's own breasts.  The problem with anatomic implants is that while they look good in one position, they do not move and flow like natural breasts, a problem inherent due to the denser cohesive gel and their unchanging shape...  You should go with smooth, round silicone gel implants that are proportionate to your body and you will have a beautiful, natural result!

Eric Sadeh, MD
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Which Implants Produce a More Natural Result - Silicone Gels or Anatomicals?

It really depends on what you consider natural. I have found this has many different meanings to patients. I think most of us feel the smooth round moderate profile silicone implants give the most overall natural result. But go over this carefully with your surgeon so he knows what "Natural" means to you.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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