How Are Breast Implants Overfilled?

This feels like a dumb question, but how can implants be overfilled? Are they not completely filled usually?

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Overfilling Saline Breast Implants

This is not a dumb question.  Implants come in certain sizes (example 325 cc).  The implant is always filled to this volume.  Anything less will create folds in the implant surface which can lead to rupture over time.  A saline implant filled to 325 can be over filled to 350-360 to help improve size, shape and symmetry.

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Overfilling an implant = "topping it off"

Implants have recommended fill ranges. Therefore when you fill beyond the recommended size, similar to "topping offf your gas" tanks, we call this overfilling.

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How Are SALINE Breast Implants "Overfilled"?

Regarding: "How Are Breast Implants Overfilled?
This feels like a dumb question, but how can implants be overfilled? Are they not completely filled usually

Breast Implants, like all things in life, come in sizes. All breast implant manufacturers produce 3 lines of breast implants in BOTH Saline and Silicone Gel fill: Low profile, Moderate Profile and High Profile which relate the height of the implant to the diameter of the base. Then, within each of the Saline implant groups LP, MP and HP they produce an assortment of implants with a range of recommended fill volume. Adding more than the stated top volume of a saline implant was termed "overfilling".

It is rather a poor term because both adding 10cc and 100cc of Saline to such implants would strictly speaking be "overfilling". With the early implants (LP), adding more volume was needed to smooth out creases. With the newest Saline implants, the Mentor Moderate Profile Plus - the range of filling is wide and there is no need to add more saline because they were designed to look good throughout that fill range. On the other hand, under-filling saline implants to keep them soft is a mistake. It always results in deeper implant rippling and earlier deflation.

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Overfilling implants

The term overfilling refers to the saline implants exclusively.  This refers to filling the implants above the manufacturers recommended fill volume.

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