Are Implants Nowadays Safer?

Dear doctors, I have been planning to have breast implants for two years. What I need to know is how common are these silicon poisoning diseases? Is it still common in this day and age to come across these diseases with modern implants? Thanks for your time 

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Breast Implants Surgery

University studies indicate that medical grade silicone are nontoxic therefore silicone poisoning is not a concern. The greatest risks in breast implant surgery tend to be from inexperienced or improperly trained surgeons, improperly administered anesthesia, untrained staff, or an unsafe operating environment.  For that reason, the choice of the surgeon is the most important decision that you can make for the safety of the surgery.

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Safety of breast implants

Silicone is one of the most inert substances available and I am not aware of any cases of silicone poisoning. Both saline and gel implants are available and if you are very concerned about possible problems with the gel implants, you could consider the saline ones. But both are FDA approved as safe and efficacious. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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Implant safety

Breast implants have been FDA approved and there is no evidence of "poisoning" from silicone.  Like any foreign body you can have infections, capsule formation, contour problems; but in general risks are low.  Donald R. Nunn MD Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Implant safety

Breast implants are very safe They are the most studied medical device approved by the FDA.  There is no such thing as silicone poisoning as you describe related to implants.

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Safety of implants

The implants used today are considered the 4th generation of the devices.  The rupture rates are very low, and there has been no link established between a rupture and other diseases.  

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