Implants Make Noise Two Years Post Surgery, Why?

Just took a rather long flight on airplane and I live 7,000 ft above sea level and went to a sea level city. Implants have been making a sloshing/gurgiling noise ever since return.

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Sloshing of implants with altitude change

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this is not common but does occur:

  1. changes in altitude 
  2. check with your doctor
  3. have an ultrasound
  4. everything is most likely normal but this can occur with air coming our of solution with the changes in pressure 

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Recovery after breast implant surgery

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When saline implants have an air liquid interface within them they make sloshing noises. I suspect you had air dissolved in saline that finally separated out coalescing to form an air water interface. Waterbeds used to do that and required burping to get the air out of the mattress, months or years later. That involved removing the cap and sliding a broomstick over the mattress to push the air that had come out of solution out through the opening in the mattress.

When saline implants are placed the surgeon needs to withdraw all of the air in the implants before adding saline. That saline also should come from a closed system like an intravenous bag to minimize the injection of air with the saline.
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Breast Implants and Noise?

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Thank you for the question.

I have not had a patient experience your concerns 2 years after surgery. It may behoove you to be examined by a plastic surgeon for direct diagnosis and probable reassurance. Partial deflation of an implant may be the culprit;  this diagnosis can usually be made on physical examination.

Best wishes.

Some fluid movement noise/sensation is common with saline implants

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If you have access to your plastic surgeon I would go and get checked out as this would be the most efficient way to make sure all is well.  Saline implants commonly have some degree of fluid "sloshing" sensation since they are filled with fluid.  If the implants were filled to the minimum level or close to that this can increase the chance of this happening.  Have your plastic surgeon take a look.  It may be normal.

All the best,

Dr Repta

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Implant noises

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Noises should not be happening with implants.  You should probably have an evaluation with your surgeon to figure out what is going on.

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