I Had my Implants Done 3 Months Ago One is Bigger Than the Other and the Right One Sags

My implants were done 3 months ago and one seems bigger than the other and the right one sags, The Dr out 450 in the right and 470 in the left. I still do my massages they have been uneven since day one. The left is hard yet the right one is soft. I was in fear i had a slow leak in my saline implant. This has left me very depressed. Thank you Shelly

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

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Breast asymmetry after breast augmentation can be normal and can be expected if you have significant amount of breast asymmetry before the operation. No two breasts are completely alike and when closely looked at there is asymmetry in nipple height, breast size and breast shape. Breast implants can help correct this but it can actually make things worse. I would return to your plastic surgeon to look at your before and current after pictures. As well it is kind of early to really determine what your final result will be. Close follow-up with your plastic surgeon is important. I hope this helps.

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Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

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Dear Ms. Shelly, there can be a minor asymmetry after breast augmentation.  It depends on whether you had the asymmetry pre-operatively as well.  It is hard to comment without seeing your pre-operative photos and examining you.    The left breast implant was filled slightly more than the right breast implant; therefore, the left implant may be slightly firmer than the right.  In terms of sagginess, you may need a small (periareolar) lift; however, would you like to undergo another surgery and scar around the nipple or be okay with a minor asymmetry? 

Breast Implants

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It would be nice to see your pre operative pictures. Your right inner and lower breast is quite blunted which will likely stretch with time but it is also likely your anatomy and will never be perfect

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