Do Implants Mask Pregnancy Symptoms?

Will breast implants help reduce the common symptoms of pregnancy, such as breast tenderness and swelling?

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Breast Implants and Pregnancy

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A patient who has breast implants will have the same symptoms during pregnancy as they would if they didn't have the breast implants -- their breasts will just be larger due to the implants giving them a larger starting point.

Will breast implants affect the signs of pregnancy?

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The presence of breast implants will in no way mask any breast sign s of pregnancy.  The only effect will be that your breasts will ultimately become larger than they would have been because of the extra volume the implants provide.  You can still breast feed as well.  There are a few women who will have changes in their breasts following pregnancy due to excess stretching, gain or loss of breast volume, and possibly the development of capsular contracture. 

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