If I Were to Get Implants Would I Need a Lift As Well? (photo)

So there are a couple questions here actually. I am debating on whether or not to get implants. If I decided not to, and just get a lift, then would there be a noticeable difference/worth it. Also how much scarring would there be. Secondly, if I did it for implants, would I need a lift as well? The pictures do not show it but I do have faint stretch marks, as I did breast feed for a year with my son. Also, what size implants, and what kind do you recommend, especially for a natural look. I am 5'5, 135lbs, a size 4/6. My measurements are 34-27-37.

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Breast implants and breast lift decision making

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A one on one consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will really help you with these questions. Based on what I see with your photos, I am not certain how a breast lift procedure alone will help you. The nipple areolar complex is already in a normal position. If you are desiring to have a slightly larger breast that fills out the skin envelope, you likely will need only a breast augmentation. The implant size and type really depends on your measurements and personal preference. 

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Breast lift needed?

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From your photos it does not appear that you would need a breast lift.  A consultation and use of Vectra  3d photos would help show you how your augmented breast might look and if you would be happy with it.

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