Which Implants Will Give Me the Feeling of Natural Breasts?

i am 43 years old, had bilateral simple mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with expanders. i will be having the expanders removed in 3 weeks, and have not made my decision on which implants to choose. i have been considering mentor high profile silicone implants or mentor smooth/moderate round implants. i was also looking into tear drop silicone implants?? which implants would give me the most natural look since i had my breast tissue removed??? also is lipo filling used with reconstruction?

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Breast reconstruction

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I usually choose the implant volume with the patient and base the shape of the implants upon their anatomy.  usually with the tissue expander as I fill it up, I ask the patient to tell me at what point they are happy with the volume. This may be bigger than their untreated breast, smaller, or the same.  Then I select the shape.

Natural reconstruction after mastectomy

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In our group, we really prefer to perform silicone gel implants with either alloderm or a latissimus dorsi muscle flap.  It is difficult to use just an implant with the thin skin flaps after a proper mastectomy and expect a great result.   We have four different surgeons who approach this problem four different ways.  My advice is to really examine the options and I am not sure that form stable implants are the right move for every patient.  Careful discussion and planning with your surgeon is the key to a great outcome.

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