Implants for Small Effect. Would This Size Do That For Me?

Okay, here goes again. 5'9", 118 lbs, 12 cm BWD, 26" underneath bust, 30" bust measurement. Currently 32A/B. I don't want anything drastic (am thin and sporty, and don't want to look top-heavy). Am getting silicone, under the muscle. I keep hearing that the implant diameter should be within 1-1.5 cm of BWD. Am interested in 190 or 215cc in the Mentor Mod (low), which are 11 and 11.6 cm width. Or Natrelle 210cc in Style 10, 11.2 diameter. Would those work for a subtle difference?

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Patient has all the measurements and implant choices made. Will she like her result?

Thanks for the detail of your information. The only question I have is how and who measured your breast base diameter? Breasts don't have "sharp" beginning and ending diameters, and each of us measure this a different way. Suffice it to say that the actual pocket diameter is the critical one, and should be a good match with your own breast anatomy. Too wide an implant for a narrow or small breast and you end up with an upside-down margarita glass appearance--not good, but not an issue with the implant sizes you have chosen. Similarly, if you simply choose a narrow high-profile implant (especially in a small size) you could end up with a too-wide cleavage and implants that slide around from side-to-side too much--also not good.

You should understand that implants in the size range you are quoting by either manufacturer (there are actually now three breast implant companies FDA-approved to sell implants in the US) are quite small and narrow, and will add just under a cup size to your present breast size. By your description that sounds about right, IF your breast pocket is no more than 13cm or so in diameter. This sounds a bit small by my experience, so this is the critical measurement IMHO. Depending on your wishes for final breast size and maintenance of your athletic, sporty look, you may want to consider a tiny bit bigger (wider) moderate profile (only) implants to fill your breast diameter better and avoid the "Death Valley of cleavage" centrally.

Otherwise, it appears as if you (and hopefully, your surgeon) have made reasonable decisions, and none of the implants mentioned will be visibly different from any of the others. Choose larger, and you will have the least likelihood of regretting your choice in MOST cases. But the final discussion should be between you and your ABPS-certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Implants for Small Effect. Would This Size Do That For Me?

Well, I am not sure exactly what your question is. You have stated what your breast diameter is, and you have stated you want a subtle change appropriate to that which can be obtained with a small implant in the 200cc plus or minus range, and you have stated that implants in that size range are of the appropriate diameter. The difference between the Mentor and Natrelle implants that you noted would be insignificant. The surgeon who examines and measures you will be better qualified to comment on whether the implants you are considering will give you the result you are looking for.

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Implants and subtle change

A subtle change may occur with very small implants like the ones  you choose, but an exam in person is really ideal.

Steven Wallach, MD
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