Implants for Rippling?

Could you please clarify for me if you would choose a smooth implant (which I've heard causes less rippling than textured) or a more cohesive textured (which I've heard is better for rippling as its firmer!) for a patient with little breast tissue who wants overs. Confused! As I've also heard smooth as its softer actually ripples more on the outer shell because it folds whereas a higher cohesive textured doesn't. Conflicting!

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Implants for Rippling?

You are correct in that cohesive silicone gel breast implants tend to demonstrate less rippling than other types of implants. Be careful about your decision to have breast implants placed “over” the pectoralis major muscle; this is not what I would recommend for patients with very little soft tissue coverage.  I think that the position of the breast implants in the sub muscular ( dual plane) position will do more to help prevent rippling and other issues compared to concerns such as smooth or textured breast implants.

 Again, make your decisions carefully.

 Best wishes.

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How to avoid Implant rippling with above implant placement

If you want your implants above the muscle , they should be placed in the subfascial position

 I find that smooth round cohesive  moderate profile + gel implants have the the least tendency to ripple

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