Implants for Nose?

I have been reading mixed reviews on both. Which is better.. a medpor implant or silicone implant?? For my nose cartilage is not an option.

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What is the best implant material for the nose

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Very plain and simple, the best implants for the nose is your own cartilage.  Artificial implants can be fine but they definitely have an increased risk of problems down the road.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Medpor vs Silicone for Nasal Implant

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With all due respec, in over 30 years I've never seen a nose where cartilage is not an option for augmentation. Cartilage is better because the patient can avoid the risks of implant movement and extrusion as well as the increased risk of infection.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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