Implants for Patient with Family History of Autoimmune Disease?

My only major concern is whether or not I should get implants due to my genetic history. My father has the gene HLA-B 27, and has ankylosing spondylitis and amyloidosis. When he was in his early 20's he had a chin implant, but the doctors do not think their was any link to his disease, since he was already diagnosed with the arthritis at that point. My sister who is three years younger than me has juvenile diabetes and alopecia (both autoimmune as well). DO you think I would be putting my self at risk, getting the implants?

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There is no link between silicone and autoimmune disease.

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1) I have been a breast implant investigator and I can tell you that implants do not cause any disease. There was a lot of "junk science" promoted by contingency fee attorneys. There are many references.
2) If you are still worried, you can get fine results with saline implants.

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