Do Implants Always Drop? (photo)

I had 295cc implants 2 weeks ago, they already sit quite low on my chest, when do I know if they have dropped? or if they will, they seem very far apart at the moment which Im told is normal. Ive gone from A cup, if that, to a large C. Thanks

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Implants Dropped at 2 Weeks

   Implants that have dropped by 2 weeks to this extent may need to be taped at the inferior aspect of the breast to prevent inferior migration during early healing.  This taping sometimes works, according to some plastic surgeons.  Return to the plastic surgeon for a determination.

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it takes many weeks if not months for the implants to assume their final shape and form. I can only see one breast clearly in the photo at this time and you have visible swelling.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Do Implants Always Drop?

My concern is the right implant pocket is either over dissected inferiorly or you have bottomed out very early. Best to return to you PS to discuss in person. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Breast Implants Should Drop


Thank you for sharing your before/after photos.

It seems that you had symmastia exhibited in the "before" photo and that had to be corrected during the surgery otherwise it will be accentuated with breast augmentation alone. So without the full details of your surgery, it is not possible to comment on your results down that line.

As for the dropping of your implants, at weeks post-op it is too early to judge the results of your surgery; a breast implant does drop by virtue of gravity given that it has the space within the pocket it occupies.

I hope this helps and please do keep an open line of communication with your surgeon. Also, it is crucial that you follow your surgeon's instructions religiously.

Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Early asymmetry after breast augmentation

It can be hard to tell the final result of your surgery after only two weeks. You need to keep your surgeon posted on all of your concerns and questions.  Follow his/her post op instructions, keep all of your appointments, and be sure to get all of your questions answered.  It's not possible to really give you sound medical advice over the internet or with photos, so stay in touch with your surgeon.

Allan J. Parungao, MD
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