When my Implants Drop Does It Affect the Breast Crease, As Now One of Mine is Lower?

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago.One has dropped and looks great, but the crease is probably 2cm lower than the other breast now. Is this normal when the implant drops? Also I asked to be a full C from an A, I am 5ft8 and weigh 140. I arrived at the clinic for the surgery (from out of town) to be told all they had available was a 260cc. I had already said it was too small. The Dr phoned all over Shanghai and finally put in a 300cc implant. This has made me a small B. Should the Dr have known this?

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Differences in the crease beneath the breast

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In looking at you pictures it appears to me that the lower fold looks more natural than the other one.  your folds may have been asymmetrical before the surgery.  Getting the implant that you had decided on is important and usually not a problem.  The fact that you are in China is perhaps a reason to consider the availability issues before you travel and go under anesthesia.

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Talmage J Raine MD FACS

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