Had implants 4 days ago and have a large bruise on my side. Is this normal??? (photo)

please tell me this is okay? doesn't hurt. appt for post of in 2 days for stitch removal. 350cc ultra hi

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You need to be examined by your PS to ensure that you don't have a hematoma.  This forum is not the best way of addressing your question as you need to be checked in person.  


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Had implants 4 days ago and have a large bruise on my side. Is this normal??? (photo)

Please see your surgeon ion person to be examined just to be sure there is NO problem occurring, like a hematoma..//

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Breast Surgery

Looks like you had liposuction of that area? If you did that would be a lot of bruising but not outside the scope of what would be normal if not you didnt have liposuction that would likely fall out of the scope of normal

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Large Bruise After Rhinoplasty

Bruising is the result of a little blood from a small blood vessel under the skin. This can occur when the surgeon releases the pectoralis muscle. The black and blue will take a couple of weeks to resolve. Be patient.

Consult your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Although this bruising is more than average, it is not alarming. The blood will descend following gravity.  Specific questions such as this are better run by your own surgeon.
All the best. 

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Bruising after breast enlargements.


Bruising after breast enlargement surgery can occur. Whether or not this requires surgical care can only be determined by an examination.
I am certain that your plastic surgeon will evaluate your bruising to determine if you have had any significant bleeding around your implant.....

Heal Well...

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