Breast Implants Very Close Together - Will I Get Symmastia?

I had a ba done yesterday. Doc unwrapped bandages today. My breasts are VERY close together & worried I may get symmastia.They gave me a band to help breasts drop.I'm worried that by wearing it will push the implants closer together. Please help me with any advice so scared! pic is w/ band on.

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Breast Implants Very Close Together - Will I Get Symmastia

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Knowing more details would help such as under or over the muscle. Swelling in the first 7-10 days can make breasts appear as if they are closer togther than they actually are. Judging from the deep cleavage that you have in this picture, I don't believe you will develop synmastia.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Potential Symmastia ("Uni-Boob")

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With all due respect to my colleagues, I agree with your concerns. It would be easier to call it if the breast strap was not on. Assuming the present picture was largely unchanged if the breast strap was off, I would agree with you completely; you have very large breast implants which are pushed close together. This implies a significant release of the pectoralis muscle origins off the sternum (center chest bone) to allow such close implant placement. The odds of progressive enlargement of the breast pockets and finally creation of "kissing" implants or a "uni-boob" becomes quite large.

I cannot give you surgical advice because you are not my patient. the only one advising you should be your surgeon. But, if I was asked what would I do in a hypothetical case such as yours I would begin by taking off the bra strap to stop the push towards the midline with potential breakdown of the intervening midline skin. There are special bras with a vertical midline component deigned to press this skin bridge against the chest. You may ask your surgeon if it is a good idea for you to wear one.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Symmastia after surgery

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It is difficult to tell from your photo.  It is unusual to develop symmastia. More than likely you see the tissues swollen and stretched around the implants. Give it some time to improve.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Symmastia Risk

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You are very early after your surgery, and I would not worry about the development of symmastia at this point.  You have alot of swelling right after surgery, and alot of changes that are going to occur over the next few weeks- months.  If you are concerned, you can always purchase a thong bra to keep pressure in the medial area.  Give yourself some time for the swelling to go down, implants to drop,etc.  At that point, you can then assess how the medial areas are.  Some women just have very close cleavage, but that does not mean that they are at more of a risk for symmastia.  I hope this helps.

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